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Summer offer

We invite you to a wonderful place…

Rafting on the Bardzki Gorge is a fascinating journey through five meanders of the Nysa Kłodzka River. You are going to sail through an ancient valley, between colorful meadows and steep rocks surrounded by a singing forest, which for centuries has been growing on the slopes of Bardzkie Mountains. In addition to admiring the stunning views, the rafting participants will also have the unique opportunity to take pictures of the fascinating inhabitants of this beautiful area - herons, grebes, deers and... wild boars! Rafting is one of the greatest forms of leisure. We are giving you the opportunity to raft through the Bardzki Gorge down the Nysa Kłodzka. It is one of the most beautiful places in our country. In fact, it is so unique that each season the Kłodzko Valley is visited by tens of thousands of tourists. Thus, the place truly deserves to be called one of the biggest tourist attractions of the Kłodzko Valley. The Bardzki Gorge - The Miracle of the Sudetes. Unforgettable attractions and an incredible experience guaranteed.

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White water rafting in Bardo
White water rafting is an extreme, yet very safe form of recreation. If you are looking for things to do in the Sudetes, in Lower Silesia, or in other Polish regions, our offer cannot be overlooked. The white water rafting route runs through the Bardzki Gorge on the Nysa Kłodzka River, which is considered one of the most beautiful places in our country. Each season we host tens of thousands of tourists eager to embark on an unforgettable adventure or simply wishing to visit the Sudetes.
ico kajakigorskie
Whitewater kayaking in the Sudetes
Whitewater kayaking requires much more skills than rafting on lowland rivers. Beautiful, majestic mountain rivers make for another unforgettable attraction of the Sudetes. However, the rapid stream gives less time for maneuvering. In order to avoid the tragedy, you should not hesitate to improve your skills. This is why, for the sake of your safety, we invite you to partake in basic training in white water canoeing. We will show you how to deal with the rushing current.

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Rafting in the Sudetes is becoming an increasingly popular form of leisure. Although it is considered an extreme sport, here it is supervised by an experienced instructor, thus making it perfectly safe. Although not many rivers in Poland are suitable for practicing this sport, there are a few of them here nevertheless. During the spring, after heavy rains and with high water levels, rafting becomes one of the greatest attractions of the Klodzko Valley.
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Gondola cruises
While in Kłodzko, you should take the opportunity to see the part of the city over the Młynówka Channel. This channel, undoubtedly one of the greatest attractions of Kłodzko Valley, was once a natural moat. Beginning at the weir south from the city center, it sets the area of a former borough called Piasek Island. When sailing in a gondola, you can admire old stonewalls which form part of the old city.
Winter offer

Snow fun from dawn to dusk...

Zieleniec is one of the most interesting ski resorts in the Sudetes. There are 28 the ski lifts and nearly 20 km of groomed slopes of varying difficulty, including snow parks and ski kindergartens. Most of the slopes are constantly snowed and lighted so that nothing can stop you from having a great time. There are also several well-located accommodation facilities, from which you can jump straight on the slopes. It all makes Zieleniec and skiing inextricably linked to one another. Ski station in Zieleniec is a unique attraction the Sudetes, which is a perfect choice not only for the experienced skiers, but also for people looking for the right place to start their ski riding adventure, as well as whole families.

Thanks to our affordable prices and the convenient location of our ski rental facility in Zieleniec right at the main parking lot, we are at your disposal "from the very first snow until the very last customer."

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Ski and snowboard equipment rental
Our ski rental in Zieleniec is located directly by the parking lot and the necessary equipment can be rented just before the ride, thus saving the hassle of its transportation. We have extensive of experience in hiring and selling ski equipment. Therefore, we know how to choose the right shoes, skis and snowboards to make your experience comfortable.

The equipment we provide is always ready for skiing – skis are sharpened and lubricated and the shoes are dry, disinfected and clean, which undoubtedly improves the comfort of use.

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Ski training
Visit our ski school Ski-Raft Zieleniec. We make ski learning fun! We will help you learn both basic and advanced skiing techniques. As teachers, we are calm and patient, providing professional and efficient service. Each client is approached individually. We also offer you to rent equipment prior to skiing. Our ski equipment rental facility in Zieleniec and ski school work in close cooperation.
Team building events

Integration fun for companies and schools...

Ski-Raft organizes corporate events in Lower Silesia. It is the only company in the Kłodzko area and in south-western Poland, which coordinates rafting events for groups of up to 500 people. We specialize in organizing teambuilding activities on water, which are the best answer for companies seeking ideas for outdoor events. Thanks to skilled staff and years of experience our events are carried out with utmost professionalism and with regard to all safety regulations.

The event is always tailored to individual customer needs. If a company wishes to check the cooperative skills of its employees, the rafting trip will be different than if organized for employees who need to relax and find peace. In the first scenario, we offer rafting with elements of competition, pontoon races and sports games. As for the latter, those who want to rest will be given peaceful time to relax and renew with just the right amount of entertainment. We serve both small businesses and large corporations wishing to give their employees unforgettable experience during corporate events. Lower Silesia invites you to have fun.

We also organize rafting trips for school groups. These are either single-day or multiple-day trips filled with unforgettable moments.

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For companies
Team development camp organized by our company is an unforgettable adventure for everyone and each season thousands of participants are here to confirm it. Whitewater rafting on a Bardzki Gorge is not only an excellent form of leisure; it also motivates the employees to continue with their fruitful work. However, that's not all we offer...

If you are looking for additional activities, we can offer the following: knight fights (also with horses), demonstrations and classes on stiltwalking, paintball, shooting activities with airguns or bows as well as soccer and volleyball matches. We also organize teambuilding activities, tours around Bardo and convivial evenings.

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For schools
How do you ensure a good time during school trips? You can't go wrong with rafting on the Bardzki Gorge on the Nysa Kłodzka River! Each season we organize rafting events for schools, which are an unforgettable adventure for every kid. Your school can also give your children a great experience. Just visit the Sudetes, where the attractions are guaranteed!

Besides amazing views, Kłodzko Valley offers many other attractions. Among the animals that can be found here are: mouflon, roe deer, wild boar and salamander, and during the rafting trips you will also be able to see herons, ducks, swans and grebes. Isn't this better than traditional in-school biology and geography classes? Check out our offer now.

Haven in bardo

We aim to provide leisure and fun...

Ski-Raft merged from two companies specializing in organization of recreational activities. In 2009 the company became a civil partnership, and since 2014 it operates as a limited liability company. Since 2009 our operations cover the lands of Kłodzko and Ząbkowice and our headquaters are in Bardo. Our rafting trips received many awards and accolades in many competitions as well as tourism and economic polls. We teach, provide enjoyment, integrate and discover Sudetes together. You will not be disappointed by our offer.


In winter we organize different recreational activities, mainly based on skiing. We run a ski rental facility in Zieleniec, ski service and organize professional ski training. For the bravest of the bravest, we organize winter rafting and canoeing.


The experience gained during many years of work in the tourism industry as well as trade of tourism and sport made it our aim to become a company that cares about its customers and knows their needs and expectations. Through constant training, we are able to improve the quality of our service to meet all the challenges posed by even most demanding customers. We look forward to be of your service.
Leisure & Attractions

Nature, wonderful places and a peace of mind...

Bardo is a small town in Lower Silesia. Its original name, Brido, meant "stronghold". Over time this old town has evolved into one of the most interesting cities to visit in the Sudetes, the mountain range known for its abundance of attractions. Thanks to its location by the trunk highway, the town is an important point on the way leading to Kłodzko Valley. The first traces of human presence in these areas date back to 8.000 BC. In the old times, trade routes led through Bardo, linking Poland with Bohemia as well as a branch of the Amber Route.


In the 10th century a castle was built here, later transformed into a prince's castellany. The first written mention of Bardo appeared in the 11th century in the Chronicle of Bohemians. Since then, the history of Bardo was marked by constant wars and invasions that left their stamp on the town. The repeated rebuilding of Bardo resulted in diverse architecture of the region that's worth investigating. As for tourism, the town's location on the Bardzki Gorge on Nysa Kłodzka River, between the Bardzkie Mountains is crucial. As a result Bardo is characterized by a very specific microclimate - the summers aren't too hot here, and in the winter moderate temperatures prevail. There are frequent rains and fogs in the valley, but when you cross the Golden Gate Pass coming from the Kłodzko area, the weather changes dramatically.

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Accommodation & Leisure
Because of its location by the Nysa Kłodzka River in the Bardzkie Mountains, the town of Bardo is an ideal base for hiking in the surrounding area as well as the lands of Kłodzko and Ząbkowice. Bardo serves s a starting point of several hiking and cycling trails as well as the waterway of the Nysa Kłodzka River. For less skilled tourists there are several walking trails, which allow them to quietly enjoy the attractions of the Kłodzko Valley.
ico atrakcje
The rest area on Nysa Kłodzka River is located in Bardo. It is a small town nestled in the Bardzkie Mountains. Until recently, the town has been mostly known for the cult of the Virgin Mary as well as the Basilica regularly visited by pilgrims. Since 2009 the place has served as a popular rafting resort. It is thanks to them that Bardo gained a broader recognition. Rafting trips on the Bardzki Gorge go through one of the most beautiful stretches of river in the Sudetes, while the Kłodzko Valley offers attractions of an almost metaphysical nature. It's a true rest for body and soul.
Professional training

We train guard and rescue service

We conduct training to ensure proper cooperation during crisis situations. In addition to on-river training, we improve our skills by participating in rescue training in both mountain and flood waters and inside the swimming pools. To ensure maximum safety, we also take part in first aid training sessions. All of our employees practice sport in their free time, so they have the appropriate physical capacity to help you in case of emergency.


Our work is also our passion. We spend every spare minute paddling in our whitewater kayaks. We have extensive knowledge of hydrology, which significantly contributes to the safety of people in the water, because we are able to accurately predict the flow of a pontoon in difficult water. Every member of the staff working on the trips has a vast experience of serving several dozen groups of up to 150 people and is able to operate the trip in a proper manner, so as to ensure maximum security during the trip. Since the beginning of our operation we have served more than 80,000 people, and the only injuries were minor abrasions resulting from inappropriate selection of shoes for the trip.


Your health and safety remains our main concern. For this reason, we do not serve people under the influence of alcohol or drugs, because these stimulants have a negative effect on safety of both the person acting under their influence and the whole group.

All of our rescuers are able to provide professional medical aid and the necessary first aid equipment is at hand on every rafting trip.

Water is our element. We will safely introduce you to it.


ico ratownictwo
Rescue training
We organize rescue trainings in Kłodzko region for crisis situations in both fast-flowing and flood waters. We hope we will never have to put the acquired knowledge into practice, but because of the ever more frequent flooding in Kłodzko Valley, it is absolutely essential to have the necessary skills. During the events, we can organize first aid training for employees of your company.
ico instruktorzy
Training of the instructors
In order to ensure maximum safety during rafting, our skills are constantly improved through training. Every year we take part in rescue competitions on both flood and fast-flowing waters (so far we've had a lot of success). During the season we organize several trips to the rushing mountain rivers to practice rescue teamwork in extremely difficult conditions.

We are working everyday ...

Ski-Raft Sp. z o.o.

Feel free to contact us via phone or email.

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